What does the Architect do?

Working with an Architect on any size project has many benefits. We do much more than produce plans for permit. Think of your project as a journey that has many twists and turns until the goal is reached, and think of your Architect as your guide. Going through a design process will assure a project that meets the owner’s requirements present and future, and exceeds their vision of their image to their clients.

Thorough preparation by the owner is essential to the owner/Architect relationship, to eliminate as many twists and turns as possible.

The owner should start with a self-assessment of what they know about their project. The information to bring to the Architect should include:

  • What activities do you expect to house in the project? Can you identify areas needed, or will they be worked out during design?
  • Has a site been selected, or will the Architect assist with this?
  • Do you have a fixed construction schedule, or budget?
  • What are your design aspirations? What amenities do you desire? How bold do you expect to be? Do you wish to push design or technology to the limit?
  • How do you make decisions? By a single person, committee, or several teams?
  • Do you have the resources to do this project? Where will they come from?
  • Have you completed a construction project before? Where have you been successful, and where were you disappointed.

At The Design Partnership, when an owner brings this information to us we can easily establish our scope of work and involvement. When both of us understand what will be required, a successful project is inevitable.

The next step for us is to assemble the consultants needed for the project, and provide a fee proposal for all services required. The American Institute of Architects has a publication titled “You and Your Architect” which lists services potentially provided by the Architect/Consultant team. (We can share this upon request).  When services are agreed upon, the design and ultimately the construction of your project can begin!!

Please contact us at The Design Partnership, Ltd. Architects and let’s begin the journey together.