Located in Mendota, MN


The Minnesota Historical Society (MHS), along with the MN Dept. of Transportation (MN/DOT) provided funding for this project.  The Dupuis House serves as the contact point for visitors entering the Sibley Historic Site.


This project provides an accessible route to and within the site and the Dupuis House.  Interior spaces were redesigned to provide meeting space, offices, and accessible restrooms.


The project required approvals of the MHS, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), MN/DOT, the City of Mendota, and Tribal authorities.  A project memo report was completed to provide all required information for review.

Sibley - Photo 1


Archeological investigation was required wherever earth was disturbed for utility work and termination of the existing septic field.


New signage was designed throughout the site, along with connection to existing bike trails from surrounding areas to make the Historic Site more user friendly.