Located in St. Peter, MN

Two distinct program elements were:

CONSTRUCTION:  Rehabilitation of exterior envelope for Administrative building and Security Hospital to repair chronic water infiltration problems.  Work included extensive tuck pointing, window replacement, and stonework repair.  The Design Partnership also provided restoration of a historic stone monumental stairway.

This project was unique in that there were two subcontractors performing the tuckpointing work due to the size of the project; with the General Contractor concentrating his efforts on the stair restoration.

Victor Perlbachs performed both Project Architect and Owner’s Representative duties.  All work was performed under strict security protocol, as this is a state-secured, supervised living environment.  Other challenges included 5-month winter shut-down and spring start-up.

ADA STUDY:  A complete ADA Study of the Security Hospital was performed to estimate costs of creating a more hospitable environment for patients with disabilities.  Along with a full building survey of conditions, TDP created concept plans for remodeling and assigned costs to each of four categories:

–        Creating an accessible route

–        Staff and common areas

–        Client living areas

–        Wayfinding signage and controls