Located in St. Paul, MN

The Design Partnership, Ltd. was selected to assist the DNR in reconfiguring workstation and departmental layouts throughout their headquarters building.  Administrative functions are located on six of the building’s seven floors, with over 140,000 square feet and 560 employees.

Our furniture/interior design work included installation of new carpet, painting throughout the spaces, and minimal new wall construction.  Furniture workstations were systematically inventoried for each floor, with the goal to reuse as much existing inventory as possible.  Components to fill-in additional need were first taken from excess stock warehoused by the State, and finally, through new purchase.

In order to improve workflow and create an improved environment, furniture workstations were pulled away from exterior walls to maximize natural light entering the space, and to create occupant awareness of the outside environment.  Workstation partitions were lowered to maximize natural light exposure to all areas, particularly those placed farthest from windows