Located in Minneapolis, MN 


New City Charter School is an established, long-running school that has utilized the education wing at St. Cyril’s Catholic Church since its inception.

In order to continue their largest grant, it was mandatory for the School to be brought up to current ADA standards.  This fact, combined with the church’s determination to keep this significant outreach ministry a vital part of their overall program, made this project a reality.

The task to fully meet current ADA Guidelines was very challenging, due to the age of the structure.  In research with the City officials, it was discovered that this facility has been in continuous operation since 1938.

Equally challenging was that budget – it was extremely difficult to meet through Design Development, and there would be no availability of additional funds once the project cost was approved by the congregation.

The Design Partnership met these challenges through very careful design, strict focus on priorities, and on-going value engineering throughout construction documents and bidding phases.  The end result provided for an elevator/lobby addition to the north side of the building, a chairlift to the stage at the auditorium, new hardware and handrails throughout the school, and major remodeling of the restroom facilities.


Principal-in-Charge:  Victor B. Perlbachs

Cost: $450,000 (2008)