Located in Minneapolis, MN


The Depot Freight House, built in 1879, stands at the corner of Third Ave. South and Second Street. It served as the “incoming freight house” and was a center of activity during the railroad shipping heyday. The structure has remained vacant since the early 1970’s. The purpose of the restoration work is to rehabilitate the structure and return it to commercial use. The structure is 30’ X 50’, two floors.



Front and side elevations were returned to their original look with stone and brick replacement, re-pointing and cleaning. Windows were replaced in their entirely. The rear elevation was changed to provide accessible entry to the structure.



Utilities were brought in from the street; the building also needed new HVAC systems, new plumbing, and a new roof.

Dunn Brothers Coffee is presently the sole tenant.

This project received a 1998 Honor Award from the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota