Interior design and space planning services have been an integral part of The Design Partnership since our beginning in 1972, when we provided lease improvements for the IDS Tower and the former National City Bank building.


From this beginning to the present, we have worked with many property owners to document lease space rentable / useable areas for lease purposes, keep their files current, and establish standards for materials, colors, and finishes used in their properties.


Interior Design

We provide clients with a well coordinated space / working environment.  Our full service approach will coordinate spaces, furniture, desk layouts, lighting, colors, finishes, and accessories to make the environment cohesive.




We start with color palate options, include flooring products and finish with the walls, ceilings, windows and lighting.  We have also provided overall guidance and limited services to clients that are not interested in having us do the full scope approach.


Custom millwork – reception desks, files, book cases are an impressive visual amenity for any client, as well as solving specific storage needs.  Kitchen, conference, café area designs are great amenities for both clients and their guests.


We have also helped our clients with systems furniture selection.  Inventories of existing furniture to be re-used is the first step to this process, followed by exploring budgets and finding refurbished products that are available, including seating.


We feel that our interior design services add a great value to our client’s business and work environment.

Space Planning

Helping clients understand their current and short / long term functional needs is integral to any work environment design.  We meet with our clients to understand their business process, and through a questionnaire approach, project their space needs into the future. This enables our clients to know the square footage needed, and helps us to design a space to accommodate the future without major remodeling of our current work.

CSI FloorPlan


TDP designers are first and foremost good listeners.  Our clients have a wealth of knowledge about how their business flows; our job is to take their knowledge and improve upon it to create a design beyond everyone’s expectations.