About Us

The Design Partnership, Ltd. has provided professional design and planning services since 1972. Throughout our history we have seen many and diverse trends in the marketplace. We see the pace of these changes continuing, or even accelerating into the foreseeable future. As design professionals, our challenge is to show our clients that we have remained on the cutting edge in our design approach by continuing to create productive, stimulating, and creative business environments, and buildings that are timeless in design quality.

We continue to offer design, space planning, and full architectural services for a wide range of project types. The cornerstone to our success is that we are “General Practitioners” of architecture. Every building is constructed of the same basic materials and systems. The key element to our design process is our ability to answer each client’s needs and challenges, and create efficient solutions, that are appropriate to each individual project and budget.

Our design process begins by investigating what our client’s are trying to accomplish in their own business. By working with interviews, questionnaires and understanding the client’s current image and physical environment, we form a design solution that is based in their character, product and image – and that equals success! Conceptual design is one of the most important components of the process. It is a time of mutual discovery in the architect/client team, and lends itself to a unique design solution.

Sustainable design principals and the re use of structures in creative ways are more important now than ever. In this economy, it is imperative to carefully assess programming and complete feasibility studies in order to determine a project’s scope and cost. The Design Partnership, Ltd. encourages these important services, as they are a way to insure that each client will receive an affordable project with an uncompromising quality of design.

We welcome the opportunity to be part of your team, and to help you realize your dream.