Design solutions that Embrace the past, Enhance the present, and Envision the future.


Embrace The Past……. Our respect for the built environment of the past includes historic preservation, redevelopment of existing structures and a design philosophy that encourages architectural excellence. Appropriate, livable architecture is timeless.


Enhance The Present….. The challenge to balance creative innovation with technical production requires the active participation of engineers, civic administrators and other consultants. Our dedication to effective interaction and teamwork facilitates the often complex process of building spaces that will be useful and pleasing.


Envision The Future….. The years since our beginning in 1972 have brought many technological advances to the field of Architecture.Computer based design, revolutionary construction materials and systems, and laws governing universal accessibility are just a few areas that require the highest level of professional knowledge. Each project requires open-mindedness and the willingness to go in new directions that will set new standards in long lived architecture and lasting design.